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Professional Development Video Series

Lesson Learned Interview Video Series

IT Professional Development Toolkit

Survival Guide for the Remote Employee

My Carolina Today Interviews

Handling Multiple and Unclear Directives

Career Boosting Resolutions

Managing Remote Employees

Back to College: How to organize your time

Decluttering your office and heart

7 tips to organizing your files before they become clutter

 Quick Way to Organizing Files and Mail

Various Presentations

7 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers

How to Say YES to Everything on your own terms

12 Tips to Realistic Scheduling

Road Trip into Iterative Development

Art of War for the Professional





Various Videos

 Business Talk Radio

How to transition from a consultant job back into the corporate environment.

How to Handle Multiple or Unclear Job Directives

SWWUG Interview : CEO of your own life

What makes a Perfect Professional?

5 Tips for Remote Employees

10 Career Boosting Resolutions

 Corporate Exit Strategy 3-week Audio sessions:

Week 1 Audio session:

Week 2 Audio session:

Week 3 Audio session:

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