Stress is often the result of not feeling like you have enough time to do the things that you feel you need to do OR the things you want to do.

Unsatisfying job situations often stem from not taking the time for personal development, career management and work life balance strategies.


TimePeacePricing coverThe book “TimePeace: Making peace with time” is a novel about that provides very practical time management tips.  Follow Dereck Wilde, a mediocre investigative reporter, while he is tries to uncover the mysteries of the TimePeace Institute.  Mystery and Matthew Chase, founders of TimePeace, seem to live a charmed life.  Dereck Wilde is suspicious and wants to find out their secrets.  But because of his disorganization, time management and lack of professionalism, Dereck gets demoted at his newspaper.  With nothing to lose, Dereck enrolls at the TimePeace Institute to complete the assignment on his own.

During his journey, he is introduced to different people with various professional and personal issues. As he meets these different people, Dereck finds himself changing his own habits to become more effective, productive and professional.  As he becomes more proficient in every part of his life, he finds that not only his professional goals are achieved but his personal and private life is affected.

Follow Dereck as he finds his passion, purpose and even love.

This books not only provides a list of very helpful time and project management tips, but illustrates the real-life results of their implementation.  This book can be found on

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