Laura’s Teaching Style:

Laura is passionate about helping people succeed by changing on their own terms. This enthusiasm translates into a fun, safe and exciting learning atmosphere. She will help you blend your work and personal knowledge into a balanced personal lifestyle. Others say this about her classes: “Laura acted as a catalyst.” “She focused on real problems and real solutions.” “Her work is so empowering.” “Her classes offer practical and creative tips.” “Thanks, this did me a world of good.”, “I feel great. The energy is shifting to getting things organized!” Come share ideas and experiences in her interactive sessions.



“Laura had a wonderful vision of providing positive and helpful information to the participants and she did an excellent job of bringing it to fruition. I feel very privileged to have been a participant.”

Lesli Doares, Relationship Coach

“The concepts and principles outlined in “Light Your Fuse” have helped me to clarify business and personal goals. As a speaker at the event, I received great feedback and also valuable reinforcing tips to support my own success. Thank you Laura Lee Rose for initiating this powerful event! ”

Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D., Chief Revitalizer

“Laura, you are fabulous – thanks for the ideas – having just restarted my business last fall I am in the midst of making all these things happen. Your support, momentum and ideas are invaluable to me! We cover separate markets with similar themes and I can’t wait to capitalize on our complementary commitments! I’ll put these things on my “to do” right away. (When the student is ready, the teacher appears). Thank you!”

“After 2 dedicated, yet unsuccessful months of job searching, as the 80/20 rule deteriorated to 1000/0, on April 5th I sought out Laura Rose, for her advice. She advised me on what employers look
for in a resume, and how to better represent my experience and value. The transformation between the original and final resumes was significant and life-changing. Within 5 days (by April 16th), I had
an amazing new job.

I am confident that her advice, and my new resume, was what initially captured their attention–but what strikes me after the fact is that I may have needed her encouragement every bit as much as
her advice.”

Barry Mower
Senior Business System Analyst/Project Leader
Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for our laser coaching session. I gathered some valuable input from your coaching – about asking for what I want, and at least tried to do it. If not coming out and asking directly, I did  bring up all the points I had questions about. And the negotiation ended with a step better than the original offer.

Ayse, IT Professional

“Thank you for the informative presentation. I enjoyed that fact that there is some real meat in here and it was not just a rehash of the same old stuff. ”                                                                       Steve, IT Project Manager

“This class took the mystery out of project and time management. I was intimidated by the topic, but my current job is moving in that direction. Laura made it easy to understand. What I liked most was that it fits how I already operate.”                                                                                   L Reed, Developer/Business Analyst, NC

“I have been working with Laura for a few short Modules and already I see that my time management has improved. Her individualized approach to my necessary skill set has helped me already. I greatly appreciate how she takes the time to figure out what is most important in my business and personal life and to make time for both.”                                                                                                  K Storch, Business Owner, NC

“Time with Laura is like a guiding light for life. She gets you on track by reminding you about what’s important in life. Laura’s gentle insights get me back on track.”                    M. Yost, Program manager, NY

Laura Rose has helped me to prioritize areas for focus in my professional life and personal life. We discuss what I want to accomplish and how to go about getting it done. Laura has been a great help in brainstorming creative approaches to surmount obstacles. Just having regular conversations with Laura has improved my work life and home life by helping me to focus on the important things.                                                                                                                                            Laurel D, Program Manager, Wife & Mother, MA

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