My name is Laura Rose and I am wondering if you are somewhat like me?

I was in the international corporate world for over 20 years.  I was specifically in the software industry.  I navigated the software ladder from developer, programmer product designer, customer advocate, tester, quality assurance manager, and project manager.  I worked with international companies around the world. I hired, fired and managed as many as 15 people at a time.  I hold 5 patent inventions and was invited to sit on several patent review boards. I am an expert in the quality assurance and customer advocacy fields.  I’ve written and presented articles at various conventions and conferences.  And I was making a comfortable salary for my accomplishments and skills.

Although I enjoyed what I was doing, there came a time when the spark and passion was waning. I felt very accomplished in the positions that I was interested in.  Any next-level corporate position seemed to encompass more overtime, bureaucracy and stress than I was willing to accept.  And I was losing interest in my current roles and responsibilities.  I felt something was missing in my life.

To help fill that gap, I decided to turn one of my hobbies into a small side-business.   I started to teach social and partner dancing on weekends and after hours.  I dabbled in the idea of entrepreneurship and the freedom of calling my own shots.  I reveled in the autonomy, mastery and passion that this experiment was providing me.  The more I got involved into “doing my own thing” the more I liked it.

Although I enjoyed the comfort that a conventional income provided me, I was continually called toward something more.  It was becoming more and more clear, that I wanted to do something “on my own”.  So I started on the next piece of my journey.

As a blooming entrepreneur, I was in the perfect time and space to position myself for taking that leap.  I was still in the corporate world.  I was still making a decent and regular salary.  I didn’t feel desperate or fearful.  So I used that time to prepare and plan my next life and career.  I created my business plan; identified my passions, skills, talents, and what I could uniquely offer to my clients.  I used this time to get certified in my area of expertise and profession.  I worked with my financial advisor to arrange my funds to sustain me through the inevitable start-up time.  I reduced and eliminated much of my debt to reduce my monthly bills.  I prepared my home to sustain a home-office environment.

Once I felt I was ready, it was just a matter of ‘taking that leap’.   The year was 2008 and the economy was depressed.  Although my desire was to assist others through consulting and coaching, family members cautioned that this was a difficult time to start one’s own business.  Friends continually advised me to stay in my well-paying corporate world.  Acquaintances continually recited the number of people out-of-work and struggling to make ends meet.  I was also aware that several members of my networking community had been out of work for several years.   While I appreciated and understood their position, I was still aching for something more.  Although I was comfortable and at ease with where I  was, I was eagerly and positively anticipating for more in life.   I felt I had done my homework and I was just waiting for the right sign to take that leap.  Intuitively I felt I would receive a sign sometime in March of 2009.

On Feb 28, 2009, my company went through a massive down-sizing and layoffs.  There were 3 waves of layoffs that affected thousands of employees globally (including myself).  Although co-workers were devastated, I was elated.   In my mind, I was getting paid for “quitting”.  I received a generous severance package as well as a $2500 retraining package (which I used toward my coaching certification).   Although people were pressuring me to look for another corporate job quickly (before all the good jobs went to other people), I knew entrepreneurship was my next logical step.

For me, Taking The Leap was natural.  I was preparing my Corporate Exit Strategy while I was comfortably in the corporate environment.  Within 3 years I became the owner of Rose Coaching: The Corporate Exit Strategist and co-owner of Inspired.

I am not a fan of choosing to act in spite of fear.   Rather, together we will collaborate toward a plan of inspired action.  We will develop a plan together that you feel confident and excited about.  For us, Taking The Leap will be magical, exhilarating and natural.

If you are eager to take that next logical step but are unsure what it is, please investigate some of the opportunities within Rose Coaching (at www.RoseCoaching.info).  We have books, tapes, training materials, twice-monthly group coaching events, 3-day workshops, and individual coaching sessions to help you on your way toward your freedom and prosperity.

Or feel free to visit the Inspired headquarters.  We are located at  8320 Ebenezer Church Rd, Raleigh NC

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