I live timely and on purpose

  1. I am in LOVE with my commitments  because I am aligned with my purpose.
  2. I control my calendar.  I PLAY with time; not work against it.
  3. I deliver my results early and often because I EXPECT changes and revisions.
  4. I say “YES” to everything, but on my own terms.
  5. I use Sprints and Buffers to DELIBERATELY stay both spontaneous and structured.
  6. Because something is “happening now” doesn’t make it  important or urgent.  It just means it is happening now.  Therefore, just because it is happening now, doesn’t mean it is WORTHY of my time, attention or energy.
  7. An interruption is only an interruption if I CHOOSE to give it attention.  Therefore, I am the creator of my distractions.
  8. My attention is on “Call to Action” items that support my life’s purpose.  And I encourage others to do the same by NOT ACCEPTING responsibility for items not aligned with my goals.
  9. I use the 4D’s to simplify and clarify my purposeful life.

10. I am considerate and have a CALMING influence over others.  I am not the source of the chaos.

11. I say what I mean; therefore, it is simple to do what I say.

12. I am both timely and timeless.  Since I attract those with harmonious goals, I add value to others only when I stay on purpose.

Focus on the power of three

  • Revere your time 1
  • Recover wasted time 2
  • Reward with time3

Posture with the 3 T’s

  • Timing 4
  • Talent 5
  • Training6
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