Today’s work environment is as volatile and it is diverse.  As a high-performing professional we need to be proficient in working alone as well as in teams.  These means that we need to be adept in conflict resolution, customer issues, and problem solving.In this book, we cover 105 career critical situations and their resolution.  Some samples are:

  • My 10 year goal is to own my own business. What do I do to succeed?
  •  There are rumors that my product is starting their end-of-life cycle.  I need to get assigned to a high-profile project on the next technology.   What do I do to succeed?
  •  I work from home and am somewhat isolated from the rest of the group. What do I do to succeed?
  •  I am not visible to the second-line and other managers in the office.  What do I do to succeed?
  • I don’t know how I am doing against others in my team.   What do I do to succeed?
  •  A coworker just got promoted and I feel it should have been me.   What do I do to succeed?
  • What’s the best way to work with people who have big egos? What do I do to succeed?

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These specific situations are mentioned in In the Professional Development Toolkit, in which we cover the who, what, where, when and why of these solutions.  This answer book can be used as a companion piece to IT Professional Development Toolkit DVD or as a stand-alone reference manual.

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Learning your way. Our IT Professional Development Toolkit combines four learning medias into one powerful set of strategy, insight, and actionable ideas so you can get momentum in career today. We have a knack for taking big ideas and converting them into smart, sound, and actionable ideas. We have practice scenarios in real-world, real-life working environments to inspire the required change in you and those surrounding you.

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