Business Marketing for Coaches and Other Entrepreneurs Series

Over the past several months, I have freely shared my social media and networking tips in a few quick videos. I’ve developed and spoken a SNAP (Social Networking Assistant Process) system entrepreneurs and coaches.  I designed a 3-day tele-seminar (Light Your Fuse)  for coaches to speak and expose their products and services to a different set of clients.  Since then I have received several follow-up questions about how coaches can:

  1. How to get coaching to pay
  2. How coaches can best leverage and product-ize their coaching and consultant services.
  3. How to best market and price their coaching services
  4. How to get the BNI (Business Network International) and similar referral systems to work for them.
  5. How to use social media to get the proper exposure
  6. How to effectively convert leads to sales
  7. How to convert coaching services to salable products
  8. How to leverage their current network to go beyond their current reach
  9. How to handle “discount requests” in a professional manner
  10. How to find time to do the necessary networking

All the Tools You Need to Get Ahead

Keeping a fast-paced, coaching career can be challenging. There always seems to be too much to do, too many ideas to decide upon, and not enough time in a day.  And sometimes it’s really hard to tell which marketing and business advice applies to you and what doesn’t.

We get that. We’re in the trenches with people building coaching careers every day and we’re coaches ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a secret vault of resources that help you save time and plan smart, plus give you actionable steps to kick-start your business? I mean, that’s practically everything you could ever need to be successful and grow your practice? The good news is, it’s not a secret!

Our Business Marketing Tips for Coaches and Other Entrepreneurs contains a powerful set of strategy, insight, and actionable ideas so you can get momentum in your coaching business today.  We have put together a series of educational books and worksheets especially for coaching entrepreneurs. We have a knack for taking big ideas and converting them into smart, sound, and actionable ideas.  We have practice scenarios in real-world, real-life working environments to inspire the required change in you and those surrounding you.

Rather than give you cookie-cutter advice that is supposed to fit everybody, our tools help you start figuring out what will work for you and your business. One size fits all fits no one. Therefore, we have also included a 14-days of one-on-one  business and marketing consulting.

Coaching Business SeriesBusiness marketing series includes book titles:

  • Getting Coaching to Pay Off
  • Finding Time to Market and Network
  • Making the Most of referral Groups
  • Effective use of one-on-one meetings to increase referrals and sales
  • Social Media Tips for Coaches (the SNAP system)
  • Leveraging Links
  • Kettle-Dreams 2nd Ed by Leslie Flowers.
  • And 14 days of unlimited on-line business coaching

**Bonus free book:Think-And-Grow-Rich by Napoleon Hill (Since this legendary title is referenced in the Kettle-Dream book, we wanted to supply you with this material free of charge.  We want to provide everything that you need to succeed.)

Seven Books That Address What Every Coach Needs

The series covers the following critical areas of a coaches marketing and business plans.  This kit features our uniquely-designed Worksheets, Templates, Cheat sheets, and Marketing Strategies that get creative and driven coaches. These eBooks are packed with tools, articles  and presentations that can be used separately or together.  We recommend you use them together in in the following flow:

Coaching Business Flow

Each purchase includes 14 days of on-line (email) business coaching  to assist in your individual implementation of these tools


Theresa Salihu-MussoWithin a few weeks, I saw a difference in my performance.  Working with Laura is an absolute joy. She brings clarity and levity to everything she tackles! Somehow, talking with her, using her project management and coaching expertise, makes larger, overwhelming projects manageable and instantly doable. My business has seen amazing, continuous improvement under her diligent watch! Every time I did what Laura had suggested, I got a positive response.

– Theresa L. Salihu, Entrepreneur

Laura Rose is a great resource to teach you professional and business skills. She excels at teaching and her approach is always ethical and respectful of her audience. The additional on-line discussion group gives additional encouragement and support throughout this journey. Because her course is so reasonably priced, you can do the same without bankrupting you.

Chris P.
Media Sales and Account Manager, AZ

 barry mowerWithin 5 days of taking Laura’s advice, I had landed the position of my dreams. After 2 dedicated, yet unsuccessful months of job searching, as the 80/20 rule deteriorated to 1000/0, on April 5th I sought out Laura Rose, for her professional and career advice. She advised me on what employers look for in a resume, and how to better represent my experience and value. The transformation between the original and final resumes was significant and life-changing. Within 5 days (by April 16th), I had an amazing new job.

I am confident that her professional development advice, and my new resume, was what initially captured their attention–but what strikes me after the fact is that I may have needed her encouragement every bit as much as her advice.”

Barry M
Senior Business System Analyst/Project Leader

But that is only the first part of the equation. Once you’ve attracted the right clients and positions, now you need the tools to keep that momentum and make money.  This short series takes you through each step of your journey.

Professionalism is a skill, not some kind of innate talent. Laura Rose has helped me to prioritize areas for focus in my professional life and personal life. We discuss what I want to accomplish and how to go about getting it done. Laura has been a great help in brainstorming creative approaches to surmount obstacles. Just having regular conversations with Laura has improved my work life and home life by helping me to focus on the important things.

Laurel D, Program Manager, Wife & Mother, MA

 Grow Faster, Better, Smarter

We could offer these books separately, but we thought it made a lot of sense to give you the opportunity to buy all of them together so you can really build your sales and coaching momentum.

Were you to buy these books  separately, it’d cost you $27 each book.  We know you’re going to want all this information to help you take action that really matters; therefore,  we are bundling these books for  just $57  saving you over $100.  This isn’t even considering the value of the 14 days of unlimited on-line business coaching.

Invest that savings of time and money in yourself instead.

Getting Ahead of the Curve Has Never Been So Easy

Here’s a quick recap of exactly what you’ll get when you purchase the Business and Marketing for Coaches and Other Entrepreneurs bundle:

BusinessCoaching Business Seriess marketing series includes book titles:

  • Getting Coaching to Pay Off
  • Finding Time to Market and Network
  • Making the Most of referral Groups
  • Effective use of one-on-one meetings to increase referrals and sales
  • Social Media Tips for Coaches (the SNAP system)
  • Leveraging Links
  • Kettle-Dreams 2nd Ed ISBN by Leslie Flowers.
  • And 14 days of unlimited on-line business coaching

And all these books are digitally download, so you can get started immediately.

If you’re ready to become more creative and productive in your sales and referral,  click the “add to cart” button below to buy Business Marketing for Coaches and Other Entrepreneurs eBook series today.

P.S. – Remember, each day you wait to get started translates to ~3 days of lost productivity, opportunities and growth while you’re trying to catch up. Get started today and get ahead of the curve!


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