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Get your business running

the way you want

in  half the time

  • Overwhelmed with the different roles you are performing as a small business owner?
  • Indecisive on which critical step or task for focus on next?
  • Unsure if or when to hire some help?  Or even how to start?

Sharing your goals with like-minded business owners in a Business Focused Mastermind group, is the solution.

You will get a individual one-on-one Business Strategy session in which we will map-out your current business model and business strategy.  From there we will outline an individual road-map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Then we will make progress on your individual road-map in the group mastermind meetings.

Watch this video for more information:

In the mastermind group we will:

  1. Build and update your Business Road-map
  2. Outline exactly how to get there
  3. Provide weekly accountability partners to assure you hit your marks

The weekly mastermind group sessions also include 1 individual one-on-one consulting session a month for each group member – for additional help.

Who would benefit from this mastermind group?

  • Business owners who strive for more ways to leverage their time and talents, in order to increase profits in less time.
  • Business owners ready to create effective systems in order to comfortably delegate to others, increase profits and have more time for the things they want – even if they don’t have the time to learn new technology or train their staff.

Food for thought:

“Since your business is already a success, chances are that you already have all the pieces that you need to take it to that next level. It’s just that you may need to review, reposition and restructure those pieces to elevate your business to the next level.

Continuing to do the same things that got you here – keeps you here.”

An introductory discovery call is required to start: to make sure the mastermind group is the best fit for your unique situation and need. Date: TBDLocation: Virtual group with various ways to share. Cost: $300/month with a 3-month commitment up front.After the first 3 months, it is a month-to-month commitment.
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tamara4“Our 2 day VIP Business Makeover Days with  Laura Lee Rose was a transformational. My team and I learned new ways to think about our goals and projects and new tools to make ideas into systems that can then function smoothly and efficiently. Every single part of a very complicated project has been made simpler and more efficient by the insights and solutions she provided in our time together on site. We had a wonderful time,-both high energy and laid back- all very enjoyable. Laura Lee listens careful but she is so sharp and intuitive,  she understands the issues and sees the best solutions very quickly. Her recommendations and tools have become an invaluable part of my practice. Her background as a project manager and software developer, her experience with and understanding of  real business owners, and her ability to think outside the box have added tremendous value to my businesses. Work is now more fun, less frustrating, more efficient and my staff is less stressed and they are happily using her tools every day !

Thank you, Laura Lee! We will have you back as we expand.

Tamara Sachs, MD


Patricia Joyner DoyenI am working with a Small Business Systems and Solutions Coach  that will be helping me work a plan for making the business of my business more productive, easier for me and run clean.
Her name is Laura Rose.  I have known her for over a year through another group I have worked in.  Out of all the people I met, she has been one of the most consistently effective.  She has also always given much more than expected.  Already (I don’t officially start until March) she is making things happen for me that I have drug my feet on for years.
Regardless of your field, I believe you would benefit from talking with her.  The call is free and I have no doubt you will get something out of it.  I will be part of the Master Mind Group.  It will be small and she is very hands on and approachable.  I have a launch date for my web page, schedule radio show recording, etc. A map of my company, time line for when I am to have each step done and tools for getting it done.  She is the structure and business hand holding I have needed to go from amateur to professional for a long time.
Even all that I have said – I have not done her justice.   Hope you will take advantage of the free call with her!
Patricia Doyen Live-In Coach
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