Good morning Ms. Blitz!

Wanted to let you know my success last night set the stage and I woke with excitement about the business of my business this morning.  That is new for me. Thank you so much!”

Patricia – Entrepreneur and Coach


“Our 2 day VIP Business Makeover Days with  Laura Lee Rose was a transformational. My team and I learned new ways to think about our goals and projects and new tools to make ideas into systems that can then function smoothly and efficiently. Every single part of a very complicated project has been made simpler and more efficient by the insights and solutions she provided in our time together on site. We had a wonderful time,-both high energy and laid back- all very enjoyable. Laura Lee listens careful but she is so sharp and intuitive,  she understands the issues and sees the best solutions very quickly. Her recommendations and tools have become an invaluable part of my practice. Her background as a project manager and software developer, her experience with and understanding of  real business owners, and her ability to think outside the box have added tremendous value to my businesses. Work is now more fun, less frustrating, more efficient and my staff is less stressed and they are happily using her tools every day!

Thank you, Laura Lee! We will have you back as we expand.

Tamara Sachs, MD

When I relocated to Arizona last fall I accepted an offer to work as a software testing consultant with Accenture. I thought, at the time, I’d be working on an assignment in Phoenix, but things didn’t work out that way. I landed on a contract as a Scrum team test lead for a major financial institution in San Francisco, and spent nearly a year traveling back and forth between Phoenix and the Bay Area. I came out of that assignment in September of this year and after six weeks on the bench picked up another assignment as the testing lead on a Data Warehouse refresh project for a major hospitality provider – an enterprise level project with a lot of visibility as the client upgrades from Oracle 11g to 12c and also upgrades its Informatica installation and reporting tools as well. I’ve been traveling back and forth between Phoenix and the East Coast for the last month-plus and will be doing this at least through March.
Two years ago, when I had been let go from Earthlink and you and I were working together, I couldn’t envision that I would have been doing either one of those jobs – especially the current one. I might have interviewed for a position like that but I don’t think I’d have gotten it – I’d have been focused on all of the things I hadn’t done rather than all of the things that I had. You encouraged me to stretch my vision of myself and my skill set, and to realize that I could do things that I hadn’t done before. And I can’t thank you enough for what you were able to help me do, and see, about myself. I appreciate the guidance and support you gave me more than I can say.
I hope you are continuing to do well, and I’ll do better at staying in touch in the future. Thank you again!
Mike, Software Professional


Adam Lax shares a few thoughts on his discovery call with Laura Lee.
Let’s listen in for a minute to see how 10 minutes can change your life.

Frank Coppolla shares a few thoughts on working Laura Lee.

Laura reached out to follow up on my progress so I scheduled an appointment with her. She provided great tips and suggestions for a workshop/seminar that I am planning. Her positive energy and willingness to support me was clearly evident throughout our conversation this morning. She is a wonderful asset to your team.

Blessings, Thelma

Laura thank you so much for your time I always come away feeling inspired excited and enthused about what can be accomplished.  Also I mostly appreciate that you cut to the point and know that I appreciate your feedback quickly and directly.

Best, Leslie

I was impressed at how fast Laura Lee Rose could find the holes in my business marketing and give me concrete, actionable steps to make it 100 times more effective ( and take less work!).   She was able to take a complex system and break it down into clear activities that could be outsourced, delegated and managed much more easily. It feels like huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Rose Coaching has made my overwhelming workload seem more manageable and dare I say even enjoyable!

Jan Riley

Thank you, Laura. I wouldn’t have gotten this position without your help – I probably would never even have known about it without taking your advice on reaching out and engaging. Matt Heusser, who’s a well-known thought/action leader in the testing industry, reached out to me after I’d requested a LinkedIn contact and got me an interview here.

Mike E, QA lead

These online courses contain valuable tips that apply to everyone. Probing questions are provided for self-evaluation. Rose is passionate about the subject. I found the courses useful. Recommended

Christian, Real Estate Investor Darrell George

“Thank you Laura, you have already helped me to start to feel more confident about myself, my work and goals.  If there’s anything I believe, I believe that things happen for a reason, and you came into my/our life for a reason.”

Assistant Director

“I just spent a little bit of time looking at your YouTube – you are getting it done!  I love watching you progress and grow in your journey to help others!  You are fantastic – it was important that I took a moment today to tell you that!
You are leading a pack in ways you cannot even know….”

  Kathy Sturgis PhD
Entrepreneur/Nonprofit Management


“After 2 dedicated, yet unsuccessful months of job searching, as the 80/20 rule deteriorated to 1000/0, on April 5th I sought out Laura Rose, for her advice. She advised me on what employers look
for in a resume, and how to better represent my experience and value. The transformation between the original and final resumes was significant and life-changing. Within 5 days (by April 16th), I had
an amazing new job.
I am confident that her advice, and my new resume, was what initially captured their attention–but what strikes me after the fact is that I may have needed her encouragement every bit as much as her advice.”

Barry Mower
Senior Business System Analyst/Project Leader
Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for our laser coaching session. I gathered some valuable input from your coaching – about asking for what I want, and at least tried to do it. If not coming out and asking directly, I did  bring up all the points I had questions about. And the negotiation ended with a step better than the original offer.

Ayse, IT Professional

“Working with Laura is an absolute joy. She brings clarity and levity to everything she tackles! Somehow talking with her, using her project management and coaching expertise, makes larger, overwhelming projects manageable and instantly doable. My business has seen amazing, continuous improvement under her diligent watch!”

– Theresa L. Corcoran, Entrepreneur

“Thank you so very much for your personal response to my situation.  You’ve given me some excellent ideas that I will put into practice.  (I am currently working on my attitude.)”

-Nanette , IT Professional

“My co-workers and I recently attended a 3-hour Time Management course.  Laura covered the same material in 1-hour that the other instructor covered in 3.  And we feel she did a better job.  I even liked some of her recommendations more.”

Randy, NCTech4Good participant

“Thank you for the informative presentation. I enjoyed that fact that there is some real meat in here and it was not just a rehash of the same old stuff. ”

Steve, IT Project Manager

“Laura had a wonderful vision of providing positive and helpful information to the participants and she did an excellent job of bringing it to fruition. I feel very privileged to have been a participant. “
Lesli Doares, Relationship Coach
“The concepts and principles outlined in “Light Your Fuse” have helped me to clarify business and personal goals. As a speaker at the event, I received great feedback and also valuable reinforcing tips to support my own success. Thank you Laura Lee Rose for initiating this powerful event! “
Kathy Sturgis, Ph.D., Chief Revitalizer
“Laura, you are fabulous – thanks for the ideas – having just restarted my business last fall I am in the midst of making all these things happen. Your support, momentum and ideas are invaluable to me! We cover separate markets with similar themes and I can’t wait to capitalize on our complementary commitments! I’ll put these things on my “to do” right away. (When the student is ready, the teacher appears). Thank you!”
“Again, you’ve created a superb newsletter with amazing tips. It’s so easy to let time slip by when one allows oneself to become distracted. Staying focused on what you are doing at the moment is key! So nice to get your newsletter.”
Warm regards, Cheryl

“Thank you so much for your newsletters, they always bring good ideas and are upbeat with positive ways to improve on all levels.
Also Please know that your gift of this amazing eBook is GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Thanks for all that you do, especially for us techies! ”
With much Appreciation,

Cathy Burnett,TVA

“This class took the mystery out of project and time management. I was intimidated by the topic, but my current job is moving in that direction. Laura made it easy to understand. What I liked most was that it fits how I already operate.”

L Reed, Developer/Business Analyst, NC

“I have been working with Laura for a few short weeks and already I see that my time management has improved. Her individualized approach to my necessary skill set has helped me already. I greatly appreciate how she takes the time to figure out what is most important in my business and personal life and to make time for both.”

K Storch, Business Owner, NC

“Time with Laura is like a guiding light for life. She gets you on track by reminding you about what’s important in life. Laura’s gentle insights get me back on track.”

M. Yost, Program manager, NY

“Laura Rose has helped me to prioritize areas for focus in my professional life and personal life. We discuss what I want to accomplish and how to go about getting it done. Laura has been a great help in brainstorming creative approaches to surmount obstacles. Just having regular conversations with Laura has improved my work life and home life by helping me to focus on the important things.”

Laurel D, Program Manager, Wife & Mother, MA


This is great advice! Thank you.  I will be taking your advice.

Dana Pasternack Levey

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