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Transforming the life you have into the life you really want.

Assisting corporate professionals in their transition into that next position, a new career or their own business.



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Take Command of Your Performance Review Workshop

  • Not content with an Average Performance Rating?
  • Want more negotiating power toward better compensation?
  • Need pragmatic and effective steps NOW to feel more secure at work?

Find out the secrets to reducing stress and anxiety at review time.  Take the Performance Review Workshop.

Employment and Speaking Opportunities

We have established ourselves as one of the leading networking facilities in the area. We continue to push the boundaries with exciting and innovative ways to get your product or service exposed.

Rose Coaching has created and connected coaching clients with speaking engagements and networking opportunities that lead to positions within our affiliated branches.

More details and opportunities will be discussed at your next coaching session.




Serving the Industry

Business and Career Coaching

Patricia Doyen shares a few thoughts on her “Get It Done Blitz” experience. Let’s peek in:

Adam Lax shares a few thoughts on his discovery call with Laura Lee.
Let’s listen in for a minute to see how 10 minutes can change your life.

Frank Coppolla shares a few thoughts on working Laura Lee.

“After 2 dedicated, yet unsuccessful months of job searching, as the 80/20 rule deteriorated to 1000/0, on April 5th I sought out Laura Rose, for her advice. She advised me on what employers look for in a resume, and how to better represent my experience and value. The transformation between the original and final resumes was significant and life-changing. Within 5 days (by April 16th), I had an amazing new job.
I am confident that her advice, and my new resume, was what initially captured their attention–but what strikes me after the fact is that I may have needed her encouragement every bit as much as her advice.”

Barry Mower
Senior Business System Analyst/Project Leader
Portland, Oregon

“Working with Laura is an absolute joy. She brings clarity and levity to everything she tackles! Somehow talking with her, using her project management and coaching expertise, makes larger, overwhelming projects manageable and instantly doable. My business has seen amazing, continuous improvement under her diligent watch!”

– Theresa L. Corcoran, Entrepreneur

Thank you for the informative toolkit. I enjoyed that fact that there is some real meat in here and it was not just a rehash of the same old stuff.  There are a number of exercises I would like to do.

S. R. Westcott
IT Project Manager
Maine Department of Labor

“This class took the mystery out of project and time management.  I was intimidated by the topic, but my current job is moving in that direction.  Laura made it easy to understand.  What I liked most was that it fits how I already operate.”

               L Reed, Developer/Business Analyst, NC


“I have been working with Laura for a few short weeks and already I see that my time management has improved.  Her individualized approach to my necessary skill set has helped me already.  I greatly appreciate how she takes the time to figure out what is most important in my business and personal life and to make time for both.”

               K Storch, Business Owner, NC


“Time with Laura is like a guiding light for life. She gets you on track by reminding you about what’s important in life.  Laura’s gentle insights get me back on track.”

               M. Yost, Program manager, NY


Laura Rose has helped me to prioritize areas for focus in my professional life and personal life. We discuss what I want to accomplish and how to go about getting it done. Laura has been a great help in brainstorming creative approaches to surmount obstacles. Just having regular conversations with Laura has improved my work life and home life by helping me to focus on the important things.

               Laurel D, Program Manager, Wife & Mother, MA


Rose Coaching invigorates individuals and teams in the corporate environment who want to catapult toward greater business contributions through their strengths and passions that expand beyond today. Our services are purchased by corporations, universities, and organizations around the world. Our services include organizational training, time management seminars, team building events, project management consulting and work life balance strategies.


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